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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mucus, friend or foe?

Yay! I figured out how to log on. If it weren't for my husband or for my sister in law, I wouldn't know how to turn on the T.V. Remember the days when we had a simple pull on push off knob? Nothing is that simple anymore. Thank God I have my husband.

I've been coughing almost nonstop through this wonderful new year. Hacking my husband calls it. He usually says this as he's rolling over in bed, his pillow poised to cram over his head. What he doesn't know is it's an overt cough. I'm getting him back for his snoring slash gurgle slash intermediate leg jiggle.

I can't go anywhere without a tissue box these days. I never know when I might I have the need to cough up a lung. Honestly, where does all this mucus come from? Yesterday I blew my nose for a solid minute. I went through three Kleenex's before I noticed I was drawing a crowd. My arms actually grew numb from holding that position. I finally had to sit Indian style on my chair just so I could have something to prop my elbows on.

When I was younger, I could be sick as a dog in the morning and out playing by mid afternoon. Now I have to squeeze my butt cheeks together so I don't sneeze and fart at the same time. God, I sound so old.

Happy New Year!


  1. They say never trust a shart, you know. (Shit and fart). Well, with all that butt squeezing you will have a nice perky butt.

  2. Okay, I caught myself whistling through my nose when I was trying to go to sleep. I realized that my nose is always plugged up. I am always terrified that I will be kidnapped one day and they will tape my mouth shut and I will die anyways because I cannot breathe through my nose!!! Not that anybody would kidnap me, but you get the idea.

  3. Oh my God, I have that same fear. I'm shoved in some car trunk with duct tape over my mouth and all I can do is hope I took my claritin. I hate when I whistle through my nose. Did you know that was the original title to the song from Snow White?
    Also, I'm afriad I'll be kidnapped and tied up and I'll get RLS and won't be able to move my legs and I'll go insane from trying.

  4. There are better ways to tighten up thy ass, but you do what you have to do. At least you have bladder control, depends, depends where are you? Hope you are feeling better and start off the new year in Feb.