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Monday, June 29, 2009

Sigh-I have a headache

I'm suppose to be editing. I'm always suppose to be editing. I find it ironic that I fought to be an author and now that an editor is waiting for my rewrite to publish my first book, I suddenly don't have it in me anymore. I either have a headache or there is something really good on TV-a rerun that I've only seen three times and I just happen to be a the really good part.

It's already 10:30. If I start now, then by the time I get out my colored markers and get my self situated in a quiet, well lit place where my neck won't hurt when I look down, then it's almost 11:00. But then I realize I didn't get myself something to drink and so I have to go back down stairs to get some water and by then it's definitely 11:00. By 11:15 I'll need to go to the bathroom because I'm drinking water . My husband will hear me moving around and yell up to me to see why I'm not editing, so then I have to get back up and go out into the hallway to yell down at him that I didn't hear what he said. Then we'll have a convo about what he's watching and how it would be better if I was watching it with him, but I can't I'll say because I need to edit. Then I'll go back into my office and shut the door, but it's hot, so I open a window and stare out at this really big cool looking moon. By then it's midnight and I'm still on the first page of chapter 28. And then of course, there's the headache...

So, I might as well just go to bed now and get started in my editing procrastion much earlier tomorrow.

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