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Sunday, April 18, 2010

If I were a Seven Dwarf, I think I'd be Grumpy

Arms crossed, impatient, short, hasn't shaved in a really long time because why bother, no one's going to notice anyway, not wealthy but he digs, digs, digs, digs, digs, digs, digs, digs, digs, digs,-digs the whole day through and pissed off that everyone around him is wasting his time. God, he sounds horrible, miserable to be around!

I think he's me. Or I'm him.

Maybe it's spring, or the fact my pants have gotten too tight, but I have no tolerance for anything anymore. The first word out of my mouth is usually "What!"

For years my sister in law has bought me Grumpy stuff and I always just laughed. I have grumpy slippers, a grumpy nightshirt that says "You woke me for this?!" I have a grumpy bumper sticker but never put it on my car because who the hell would put a grumpy bumper sticker on their car? I have a Grumpy picture frame, for what reason I'm not sure because I'm usually smiling for the camera, A grumpy hat, grumpy socks my parents bought me, a grumpy wrist watch, and grumpy shoe laces.

I think someone is trying to tell me something. So what if I'm grumpy? There are worse Dwarf's to be. I could very easily change Dwarf's and be Sneezy. I sneeze and sniffle more than I bitch or complain. Hey, I could be Gaspy, the Dwarf with Chronic Asthma. I could be Bitchy the lesser known Dwarf or Itchy the Dwarf who always wants you to scratch her back. "Not there, no higher, higher, a little to the side, more, more Yes! Yes! You got it!

Or Bloated, the Dwarf cousin who's always there, but no one talks about. I could be known for wonderful sayings that would look great on any shirt or poster like "Oh, God, when did these booties get so tight, or I have to loosen this damn belt before we gig for gold!"

How about Whiny or Horny? Or Stinky/Gassy, the Dwarf even Snow White abandons. That could have easily be made into a movie- Snow White, the lost years.

Did Walt ever think to give those guys a chance?
I think not.


  1. I would be sleepy, but only for a while. Maybe Happy on the good days. There was a Happy, right?

  2. Funny post! Yes, Ann, there was indeed a Happy. There was a time when I would have been Happy, but I think nowadays I'm more Dopey. Now, Fred might tell you I'm more like your Bitchy or Whiny, but he sure as heck wouldn't tell you I was anything like Horny! Icy maybe, but never Horny!

  3. Ha! Icy. That's one I forgot!

  4. Then there's Snarky, and Heaven forbid, Barfy. Great post, Julie!

  5. I forgot-I have a grumpy blanket too!

  6. Oh, my, Grumpy pants...I could really send you into outer space by making you go to Disneyland with me. HAHAHA. I can just picture you squawking "what, what" like a rabid parrot on Captain Sparrow's shoulder. Man, I'm going to be in trouble when I see you. *runs away giggling.*