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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tree? What tree?

It's the time of year I dread. The holidays are over, people are grumpy again and the only Ho Ho's you hear are the women on the street corners advertising their wares.

It's time to take Christmas down. sigh. I hate it. I stay upstairs so I don't have to see the tiny dust ridden Dickens village, the still hanging wreath, the boxes all opened beneath the tree filled with wrong sized clothes that need to be returned.

My sister from Seattle is coming to visit in a couple of weeks but the first thing I thought was "damn, I have to take down Christmas early this year."

So, how long is too long to keep the tree around?

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  1. May. That's too long. Unless you live in Alaska, Mongolia, or one of the Poles. Then you are allowed to keep it up year round.