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Friday, January 29, 2010

Sigh. Whatever.

Today is my house cleaning day. I got up at 8:20, cleaned the kitchen, turned on the roomba and let it doing its thing, cleaned the upstairs bedrooms, took a shower and did a load of laundry. I like working only four days a week but I hate the rotten pay check. Now the rest of my day is devoted to writing.

I have several that I'm working on, but I have started on a part two of Soldier. They keep wispering to me that their story isn't over. So, I flip back and forth bewteen writing romance and witchcraft.

In between writing and cleaning, I started talking. Not to anyone in particular, just talking. I talk all the time, never shut up. I talk to my plants, the dog...that's probably why she ran away. Not the plant, the dog.
My husband just closes his door. If I have dialogue that I need to work out, I just talk it out, see how it sounds.

The neighbors probably think I'm nuts. If I had a neighbor like Mrs. Kravitz, I'd be doomed. "Abner! Who's she talking to? She's watering her Creeping Charlie and laughing."

Someone some day is going to come get me, carry me off in a white coat. I just hope they let me blog in the looney bin.


  1. Ha! This made me laugh for some reason. I think it was the image of your neighbours wondering what the heck you were up to as you wander around your study talking to yourself.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Short and hilarious. The Kravitz's are one of my all-time favorite couples; in fact, I watched them just an hour ago! (By the way, did you ever see Doris Day's The Glass Bottom Boat? Her neighbors were played by the same couple who portrayed the original Kravitz's! And they were just the same - Gladys was loud and nosy and Abner was...Abner.

  3. Thanks Mad Woman for stopping by!

    I love the Kravitz-Bewitched in general. Funny you should ask me about Doris Day, I just saw the last half of Pillow Talk. Strange to think of sharing a phone line with a total stranger. We've come a long way baby! Ah, are we dating ourselves?

  4. Wow, we must have been on the same wave length yesterday. Thanks so much for stopping by, hope to see you again real soon!

  5. haha!! Don't worry, girl, I do that all the time. Whole conversations , arguments, jokes, all out loud. I probably do it when I'm writing too!

  6. Ah-HA! I left you something at my Rambling blog.

    *cheesy grin*

    And I talk to myself allllll the time! Thus, my post at The Crew! *snort*


  7. LOL! I'm so glad I'm not alone!