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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

When characters go bad...

Okay, this is weird. I want to know how many writers have had this happen.

I'm working on chapter three of my sequel. Well, actually finishing up chapter two. Like the Orca at Sea world, my main male character is not behaving. He's been pissed off in every scene, forcing me into rewrites. It's odd. I'm the fricken writer and yet he's dictating how I write him. So, last night I was finishing up a scene where he's doped up on Laudanum and whiskey and he announces in front of his wife's family that he doesn't want to be married. WTH? I rewrote it and the same thing came out.

So, I began doing an exercise from a writing book where you start interviewing your character. It's suppose to help you get to know them a little better. So, I start off interviewing him for his hopes and dreams and he tells me that he wants to go back to fort Laramie and leave his wife either here or with Hazel Henderson back in Cheyenne. I was floored.

First off I didn't even know Hazel lived in Cheyenne. I've never established her residence, but he has. Second, I tell her he can't leave her that they're married now. He retorts by telling me that I should know he never wanted to to get married, he's said that all along and now he's saddled with his second wife when he never wanted the first one. He goes on to tell me he married out of duty and now he wants out. And do it quickly before she gets pregnant. So, I asked him if he loves her. He says yes, but and when he's around her he can't think right. And then get this crap. He doesn't feel a man is a man when their heads are all muddled with thoughts of love, that his beautiful wife strips him of his power, of his anger, that he doesn't feel like himself anymore.

By this time I'm having a full on convo with the guy. I tell him that she's going to be hurt if you just up and leave. The bastard shrugged. He says he doesn't want children and she's trying to get pregnant. Plus, he's hiding some secret that if she knew, she would have never married him in the first place. What secret? I never gave you a secret!

Who does this guy think he is?

Well, I have to go back now and try to figure out what the hell is his problem so I can move onto my outline.


  1. LOL! You're not going crazy, Julie, that's normal :D! My characters do that all the time, change the plot, hang on tight to their personalities, muddle with everything, so I never really know where I end up with a book. I only have a vague idea when I start writing, and then listen to what the characters say.

    I also know that when I don't listen, the story is a flop. That happened with my third novel. I wrote it after a strict outline, had decided in advance what happens and how the characters should be like. Well - when my - and your editor - read it, she said it lacked passion, it wasn't good, and rejected it. And she was right, it's not a good story.

    So, I think you have to find a way around your characters problems, and be prepared for an unexpected ending.


  2. Hmmm. So Eric is finding marriage frightening? I think the deep dark secret in his past is a great idea. Now he has to go deal with it before he can come back to Elizabeth. Could be the making of a good story. I'd say go with it and see what comes out.

    A caveat: It sounds like this won't fit the 'romance' mold, but who cares? The important thing is that it's engaging.

  3. Yep, Jennie, it doesn't sound like a romance, does it? I felt like I was Elizabeth and he was yelling at me. I'm contining forward, but like Eva said, I have to listen to it, or him or whatever!

    Typical man, pain in the ass!

  4. Ooohhhh...a secret~! Like a typical man we have to figure out does he really mean it or is he just unable to deal with something or maybe the secret is so bad...sheesh. These characters are hard to deal with! Maybe Elizabeth should run off and have a big bad adventure just to mess with his head. You writers have all the fun.

  5. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a kind comment:). I too write historical fiction but my setting is the Lowcountry of SC. I look forward to visiting again:).



  6. Thank you Kim for stopping by!