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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Random Musings by an Alien experiment

Have you ever just sat and stared? Okay, I've done that, we've all done that. I mean really, really veg out. Slack jawed, dry eyed vegetative state. I've been doing it all month. I start to do something then I stop and stare. I've started to write this blog about five times, the only good thing about that is I have a bunch of saved drafts that I don't even remember writing.

I don't know what I'm staring at. It might be out the window, at the computer, at the t.v. It's really bad when it happens at work. I started folding laundry last week, the pile is still half done on my couch. I was folding a pair of socks and something drew my site out the window. I stared for so long my left leg went numb.

My sensitive husband sees me vegging out and pokes me. "hey, I'm going to the store." When I didn't answer, he poked me again. "Okay?"

I poked him back. "Okay."

He came back with several bags of groceries and I was still standing in the kitchen, the rest of the unfolded laundry strewn around me. I don't think he even noticed. He's thinks I'm odd anyway.

My question is, where do I go during that time? Maybe I'm being abducted and brought aboard the mother ship and random experiments are tested on me. Maybe they're feeding me fattening foods and that's why I'm gaining weight! Yeah, that's it, that's gotta be the reason! Aliens are making me fat.

"Let's see what happens when we make the earthling consume mass quantities of Carbonated caramelized sugar water within a ten second period of time."

I'll tell ya little green dude, I'll belch, that's what!

Okay, enough vegging out. It's Saturday night almost Sunday morning and I need to get back to chapter eight!


  1. You're already on chapter eight?!!! Oh my goodness, I haven't even looked at mine in the past five weeks. How do you make the time?

  2. Oh Ethel, you've had Mother Nature to contend with, I can't blame you for nothing having the time.

    My husband has been watching the Laker games a lot lately, so I've had the time to myself. Plus, he beats me if I don't write. Kidding! I'm lucky he doesn't expect dinner on the table, laundry/housework to be done or conversations beyond hi, have a good day, or I love you.

    As of today, I'm actually on chapter ten, yay! I think I might be further along if I would quit changing the plot. :)

  3. Yay, chapter ten, you're on fire :D! Go girl!

    Have you considered that when you veg out, maybe you're traveling back in time? Say, to the Old West? :D!

    Eva/E.R. Haze