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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Is it that time already?

Here it is already, the last week of June. Wow. I'm still telling people Happy New Year. How is it the days go by so fast? My, how time flies!

I've slowed down on my writing, not from lack of trying either. I just sit here staring at the computer screen. Maybe my mind is constipated. I'm 31,000 words into it and have a plot line, though it's not totally solid yet. I'm not worried about that though. This is a sequel, so the characters already know who they are and what they want. If I step out of line and write something they don't like, I hear about it.

Maybe they're on vacation, tanning themselves somewhere on the sunny beaches of Hawaii sipping some fruity drink. Huh. Why didn't they invite me?


  1. Juile. You and I are in the same boat! I just shrugged off a few months of writers block and am back to making headway with my novel.

    I think you already saw it, but I suggested a little Mini-Nano for July at the Romance House. If I know others are watching I will have to stay in line.

    We can keep each other in line! :-)


  2. Hi Julie, I've been kind of on hiatus too since turning in Heart. I've got a children's novel that needs to be finished, but Nathan's story is calling to me. Did a little work on it today. I find it hard to tie myself down to writing in the summer. It's too short in this part of the world.

  3. Ann, I'm all for the mini nano. I leave for Seattle on Friday but I'll sign on with Harley. 30,000? Yikes. Sounds hard but I'm in!

    Jennie-what about Liam? I'm dying to get back into that story!

  4. I've been thinking about Liam. I'm considering changing that story from paranormal to straight historical. That way it would be easier to get Liam and Alice together, and I don't fell that I do paranormal well. A plotline came to me the other day, and of course the Explosion provides the perfect black moment.

  5. I haven't even touched my book since I went back to work, but Im hoping to find time again very soon. This is my last week on the night shift, so I'll be getting the majority of my sleep at night...which means I'll be more rested after less sleep...which means I should have time and energy to write!

    Julie, you've asked me before what my book is about. It's a story told from the perspective of a little girl growing up in a small Southern town in the 60's, with the civil rights movement and Vietnam in the background. I have the entire plot laid out, almost every character in the book, and four chapters completed. But finding the time...

  6. Ethel, the story line sounds great! With you writing it, I just know it's going to be wonderful, filled with humor and great characters. Writing is such a long process huh? We can push each other!

    Jennie, I loved the idea of the paranormal, but I always thought it would be good as a historical and you're right-the explosion is a perfect black moment!