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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Who wrote the book on love-and why?

I've fought being a romance author. Silly, isn't it? Romance book sell far more than any other paperback or ebook out there, and they're so fun to write. So why do, I find myself pausing when it comes time for me to say I write romance. Why? What's wrong with romance? Over the summer I had a book signing in San Diego at a writing conference. When a woman came up to my table and and with a smile asked me what romance author inspired me to write my book. Though my novel is considered a romance, the authors that popped into my head weren't romance writers. I thought of my two current favorites, King and JA Jance.

Okay, yes, I do write historical with mysterious sub plots woven through. As much as I love to research my period, the sex scenes are the most fun to write. I love the touching, the discovering, the blushing, the tingling skin just burning to be caressed. Who doesn't remember a time when you discovered those feelings. Those new feelings of raw lust and want are the reason men and women have affairs. They yearn to be rediscovered and to discover.

I remember how embarrassed I was when my mom and dad read my first book. I imagine it's as hard for parents to picture their kids having steamy bed messing sex as it is for us to think of our parents doing "The dance without any pants." Okay, so I don't write bodice ripping scenes where the heroine throws her forearm across her head and swoons naked into her gorgeous lovers arms. Not because I'm prude but only because they're not historically accurate. If an English nobleman met that fiery vixen, he'd have to get through close to and depending on the era, ten petticoats before he could feast upon the family jewels.

So again, I ask myself, why do I feel embarrassed to say I believe in the notion of two falling head over heels in love. I'm lucky to have experienced that wonderful feeling several times in my life, so why not write it? Finding romance or if you just enjoy the chase lowers our stress levels, it's good for our heart skin and mind. and with all that is happening around us at this time in our lives, we're lucky to have it, right? As a society we spend countless hours in search of that special someone to grow old with or if you would rather, Mr. right now.

So, really who doesn't want that? And if you can, why not write about it?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Time for the resolutions

Well, that time has come again. I prefer to believe the magic this new year possesses is much like this beautiful spring like January we have here in San Diego. Birds are chirping, the sky is bright blue as far as human eyes can see. Life is good in our new house.

A neighbor found out that I was an author and brought by a biography her aunt wrote back in the 70's about her childhood here in our new town. I loved it! The road we now live on was named after her great grandfather, a pioneer farmer who at one time plowed and grew crops on where our house now sits. She wrote about her first car ride, the night she saw her first aeroplane, how patriotic America once was during the first World War.

Their life was so different in the hard work they all had-back breaking labor that gave you a sense of pride when they went to bed. I thank you Merry for sharing your Aunt's life with me. Now, back to researching West Point.