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A Soldier’s Embrace is a sweet, yet exciting story. The characters are captivating and the settings are perfect. The dialogue between the characters is well written and realistic. Ms. Romero has written a great historical romance.

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Pushing through writer's block

Every writer goes through this scenario: You sit down at your desk or table, your fingers poised over the keyboard ready to write something, anything. You feel inspired. You've had brilliant ideas all morning long and thought to yourself, if only I could get back to my writing, I could finish the novel! You've gotten your drink, your chocolate, perhaps your favorite music is playing in the background. It's go time!

What's that saying on the bathroom wall-here I sit broken hearted...

Here's what the battle has taught me. We aren’t blocked because of lack of ideas. We're blocked because we're perfectionists. None of the ideas seem good enough; nothing feels quite brilliant enough to become reality. So we sit, stuck at our desks, waiting for something better to come.

But what if nothing better comes? What if your next idea was the best one you will ever have? Just do the unthinkable. Just write. Don't stop to edit, to fix your prose, or the spelling. Just write a first draft, a really bad one, one that will totally suck but will be something you can build upon later.

That’s what I'm learning it means to be a writer. To push through the crappy words and finish the novel!

I was able to do that and finished my second novel last week and submitted it to my publisher. Now I wait, checking my email several times, hopeful for that second contract.

Wish me luck!!!