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Monday, July 13, 2009

Some people!

I'm not particularly a patient person. Someone at any given time is usually on my last nerve. As I get older though and have suffered the loss of family and friends, I think I'm starting to mellow and as they say, I'm stopping to smell the roses.

Well, actually today the fragrance was more like B.O. The air conditioning broke in our building so the whole left side of this medical office was stagnate and hot. We're on the second floor with no windows and two doors that open up the hallway. And a full day of elderly patients.

The day started out fine. I'm thinking, okay, it's not bad, I can handle this. But by 10:00 I was done. By noon the doc was an hour behind. Odd thing was, the patients were okay. They waved magazines and told stories to each other about the hottest day they could remember. Topping each other with the greatest heat wave. "This is nothing! I remember one time..."
I tried not to be grim though my computer was slow, the phones busy and lines of sweat trickled down my back and down my butt crack.

It didn't take me long to realize that the patients came out from seeing the doctor with the same cheerfulness, thanking us and sending good wishes our way that the air came on soon. Despite their pain, they were thinking of us having to stay all day. Okay, they were probably happy that they would soon be out of the humid office and into that nice dry So Cal heat. But still! We started to smile and joke with the patients.

And then She came in.

This old lady is sarcastic, bitter, complaining, ugly and has a twitching hairless wart on her snarling upper lip. Every time she comes in she's bitching about something. Widow my ass. Her husband isn't dead, he's in hiding! And this time, oh joy, she brought her daughter! Man, if I were this girl, I would have been pissed that I didn't looked like the mail man.

The offspring had the same odd colored mole, hair the color of a badly rusting bumper of a 72 Ford Pinto and low and behold the same wonderful disposition. She knows the air is out in the building and she complains about how long it's taking, why is it so hot? Why don't they offer us something to drink? Why didn't they call us to cancel...blah blah blah. I hear her and call her up to the front desk. I'm blotting the perspiration from the back of my neck as I ask her if she would like to change her appt. She looks at me like I just leaned over and licked her face.

"Why would I do that?"

I tell her I can hear that she's unhappy. The woman looks at me and tries to give me this innocent look and says she doesn't know what I'm talking about. Whatever!

The day, despite what we've had to deal with, has been a good one for the most part. The doctor hasn't given us any trouble, which is rare.

That is... until he sees Her.

It isn't long before I get a pop up message on my computer from the doctor, with her file name complaining about the schedule and I must have scheduled wrong because he's so behind. A half an hour phone chat with another doctor and a twenty meeting with a rep had nothing to do with it. No, this lady is back there complaining about the heat and why don't we do something about it. I wanted to rip her bufont wig off and fan her with it!

Why is it some people are just unhappy? How do they get through life living only to rain on someone elses parade?

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  1. Mole lady sounds like a blast (not) and mini me mole lady sounds like a brat. It is amazing how some people can make a bad situation worse and yet most people will just make do and try to find the best that they can.

    Dennis Prager says speading unhappiness is like having B.O. I think he is on to something there~!