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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Who am I?

Well, I'm not that interesting to be honest, but the people I love are. So, I've decided to watch, learn and laugh.

Humor has always been important to me. Growing up the youngest girl with two older practical joke playing brothers would have been a nightmare had I not learned very early on to laugh at myself. It's not always easy, but occasionally I'll catch myself in mid temper tantrum and realize I look and sound like an idiot. It's okay for me to laugh, but God help the moran who attempts to point out how stupid I sound.

As I said before, I'm the youngest. Though I live several hundred miles away from my parents, I try to visit them as often as possible. The main reason is they're really cool to be around, but mostly because they're both in the mid 80's and they need help. My father, who I affectionately call Poops, is deaf and my mother is almost blind. Interesting huh? They've been married 63 years.

I'm computer illiterate, but thank God I was smart enough to marry a geek. I love my geek! He's my best friend and someone I admire greatly. But that's another story. I love to write, hense this sight. I've written fiction all of my life but too scared to send it out. I've published a few short stories and have several novels in the works. After several years of bitching about it, I realize that I really do like my job. I'm a medical secretary for a Pain Doctor. That doesn't keep me from bitching though to everyone who will listen.


  1. You are so interesting...and funny. Why do you think everyone wants you around? Your parents are goldmine of love, wisdom, and humor. They could have been George Burns and Gracie Allen.

    I love your geek too~! Well, I guess I have to, he is my BB. *giggle*

  2. Ah, Thanks Kath! That's a total compliment coming from someone like you. My mom said it best-Kathy has a such a wonderful, happy ora.