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A Soldier’s Embrace is a sweet, yet exciting story. The characters are captivating and the settings are perfect. The dialogue between the characters is well written and realistic. Ms. Romero has written a great historical romance.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's happening


All the hardwork is starting to pay off. Slowly, very slowly. I'm advertizing as much as I can though very time consuming, I am starting to see my name out there a little more. Yay! Did I mention the process is slow? Truth is, it's exhausting to do this along side of writing.

I received a great review at Bluewood the other day. The comments brought tears to my eyes, said pretty much everything I always hoped a reader would say. I only wish I could contact her to say thanks.

I will be ordering my books tomorrow, my novel in print. I can't wait to hold it!


  1. Just wanted to let you know I've ordered your book! I'm getting it from Amazon, since the the shipping was lower, and I'm reading something else right now, so I'll let you know when it arrives, when I start, and what I think!
    I'm really looking forward to reading to it, as I've already read the excerpt online and enjoyed it. Plus, I've never really "known" a published author, I think.
    Congratulations, and I hope your book is everything you ever dreamed of and you make piles of money from it!

  2. Thank you Ethelmae! That is cool kind of you to do that. It just became available on Amazon I think on the 17th-so it was really neat to get a note from my publisher that Amazon had already reported a sale. I was thrilled! I've always been facinated by the history of the American West. I read the Little House on the Prairie series, watch Gunsmoke, Bonanza, How the West was Won. Maybe in another life I rode shotgun on a stage coach,LOL-who knows.

    I would love to see a book come out of you! You have the funniest stories-truely entertaining from beginning to end. I think you have a gift for characters-You could call it "Goin' Postal." Oooh, I guess that's not a term to be joked about, huh?

    I thought of you last weekend-did you catch any of the I Love Lucy marthon on Nick at Night?

  3. Just letting you know the book has arrived; I've not yet even taken it from the wrapper, as I'm still reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. I've been sidetracked by the Olympics; my nephew is skiing!
    Hopefully, you WILL see a book come out of me one of these days, but it won't be Goin' Postal! That is TOOO funny, though!
    And yes, of course, I watched the Lucy marathon - only I didn't realize it was on Nick at Nite - we had it on one our local channels all day!
    I'll let you know when I get to your book!