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Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's hell to get old part 2

I spoke to my parents on the phone the other day, just checking in and seeing how they are. During the phone call they had an argument, nothing big, just a crabby moment between the two of them. I can imagine the aches and pains of old joints and brittle bones can get discouraging to say the least.

Mom was asking Dad a question, Dad being deaf couldn't hear her and gave his usual "Hm?" But mom was convinced he was faking, that he just didn't feel like answering her. She said to me on the phone, "He's mad because I talked while the Olympics were on. "For God sakes," She declared. "He can watch them anytime."

I heard my dad respond from his prized green electronic lazy boy, "They only come every four years, Dorth."

"See!" she yelled. "You can too hear, you big faker."

What she said next didn't surprise me. It's the way they communicate, I'm used to it. I knew they would making up as soon as I got off the phone. "I don't think I want to spend eternity with you after all," my mother declared. "65 years is enough. I'm taking Heidi's ashes and we're getting our own Urn and you can be in your own box by yourself."

My dad sighed before saying, "At least it will be quiet."


  1. Is it wrong that I burst out laughing? The man who is deaf complaining about too much talking? I like how she claims Heidi...who will probably piddle through all eternity now.

    Yes, I hope I handle the aches and pains of old age with as much grace as your parents.

  2. No, it's not wrong that you laughed. I laugh. I can't help it. I don't remember them being amusing though when I was younger, being grounded and having shouting matches with my mom.

  3. OMG! Your parents remind me of The Barones on Everybody Loves Raymond...or Fred and Ethel on I Love Lucy...or me and my Fred! OMG!

  4. LOL Ethel, they are definitely characters.