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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Okay, this is kinda freaky...

I went to the library yesterday for their used book sale. Not really looking for anything in particular, I stumbled upon a book I snatched up for research purposes. It's a book on witchcraft, mythology and spells. Cool! Used book stores make me cough so once I started hacking, I took my book up to the counter and laid it on the table.

Everyone around me stopped talking.

I know everyone around me stopped talking because I complain all the time that libraries have dropped their whisper rule. Now it was suddenly quiet. I looked around and five or so employees were staring at my purchase. The lady I had brought it up to asked with a smile. "Wow. You sure you want to buy that?"

I explained it was for my new novel, hoping someone would question me about my old novel and how to purchase it. Nope. I paid for the book and went home. Made myself some vegetable soup, curled up on the couch and started to read. There was a whole page on herbs and what they are good for, what time of night to pull this root when the moon is full and how not to summon a 'dwarf' or fairy. I laughed. I thought it was funny. I took notes, thumbing through the book, making note of spells and herbs.

Later on that night I called my mom to check in. She asked me what research I was doing. I'm researching puritan New England, customs, witchcraft, she loved the idea. I then told her about the book I bought.

"Oh Julie, I'm going to say a prayer for you tonight. Don't mess with that!"
I laughed. "It's fine mom! Did you know marigold boiled in warm alcohol can summon trolls?"
"Julie, I'm telling you, that's powerful stuff. I wish you wouldn't read that!"
I assured her I was fine, though she promised to pray for me every night.

Once I got off the phone, I then I went on line and started reading about the legion of the Bell Witch. Okay, that I have to admit was kind of creepy-it was raining, foggy and cold outside and here I am at the computer reading stories about witches casting spells and unseen beings slapping people around.

My husband was pulling an all nighter at work and asked if I could help him stay up. We went out, drove around and got breakfast about 3:00 A.M. came home and watched t.v. Still awake, I turned on Ghost Hunters 100 anniversary episode and started watching. About halfway through I got tired, took off my glasses, laid them on the nightstand next to me and went to bed. I had them on to watch t.v. Anyone who knows me knows I can't see without my contacts or glasses.

When I woke, I reached over to put on my glasses and they weren't there. I looked on Kyle's bed stand, not there either. I looked under the bed, behind the bed, nothing. We pulled apart the bedroom, both nightstands, all the clothes, my office, the downstairs, the kitchen the bathrooms, the closets, the laundry room, Kyle's office. Not there.
I was suppose to spend the whole day writing, but instead I had to go buy new glasses.

Hmm, I'm thinking that maybe I shouldn't have laughed about the dwarf.


  1. Okay, you wanta know something reaaaaallllly freaky? I spent several hours last night trying to convince a friend that he can't afford a house (truly, this house is like waaaaaaay out of his price range,) but he remained convinced that he wanted THIS house, so, since it was only 10 minutes out of the way for both of us, he suggested we drive by on our way home from work this morning and have a look-see. Sure, I was game. It was a brand new house, locked tight, but we were able to look in the windows, and it was a truly beautiful house. He just kept on and kept on about it: 4 bedrooms! 3 car garage! 3 baths! all brick! look at the molding! look at those cabinets! He even mentioned how close he'd be to me, that we could carpool, since we'd only live 10 minutes from each other. It was only when we were leaving, and my eye caught the historic marker just barely visible on the highway that I remarked to him, "And look! You'll be just a mile from the Bell Witch Cave!"

    Guess what? He decided that house was too expensive. On the spot.

    Yeah, I live 10 minutes from the Bell Witch Cave, And no, I've never been there. But I've been to Adams many times, and it's just a plain, simple little old country town, one of those blink-and-you'll-miss-it-Southern-towns, with lots of photos ops of barns and farms.

    As an aside, I haven't forgotten about your book! I've just been under the weather; Saturday night was my first night back at work in almost a week, and I had stupidly forgotten and left the book in my locker; we're back on track now, and I am completely caught up in the developing story of Lieutenant Ryan and Elizabeth Davenport!


  2. Okay, you and Ethel are freaking me out. Make sure your mom does extra prayers for you while you are writing the book. She seems to have an inside track to the big guy. I can't wait to hear where you finally find your glasses...I bet it will be weird!~

  3. Ethel-that is too weird! Ha, I laughed out loud. I never knew anything about the Bell Witch until I started this research. That house sounded very nice though, I think I would have taken it. A three car garage? All brick? Nice.
    Did he end up finding something else close to you so you can carpool? It would be nice to not have to drive to work every day.
    A Soldier's embrace was so much easier to write than this book. I feel like I'm giving birth to just write a paragraph. I don't have a feel for the characters yet, so they mean nothing to me-as bad as that sounds. Glad you're enjoying them!

  4. Still haven't found glasses yet.

  5. Funny Julie. I started studing fallen angels and the same kinda thing happened. Ended up all night watching my back and wondering what every little sound was. BTW just heard your interview at Blog radio. You sounded great!

  6. Oh! Thank you Ann for listening. It's was fun and definitely worth it. When the time comes, mark them down to interview you, Kat is really nice.