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Monday, March 24, 2014

Motivation is a chocolate bunny

When writing a novel or a short story, how do we keep motivated?  This is kind of a funny post for me because currently I have no motivation at all. Maybe I have A.D.D because as I'm writing this I keep wondering why the dog is sighing under the table and should I go check on the plants I already watered.

 The most obvious answer and what everyone says is set a daily word count.  Okay.  Done.  I tell myself to try to write at least 300 words.  Some days that's a piece of cake other days I would have better luck extracting my own teeth.  This is one of those days.  Weeks, actually.

Next to rank up there behind word count for me would be remove all games from your computer.  Damn Candy Crush I curse you!  I've had to resort to pinching myself every time I thought of clicking on something other than my word document.  It works.  Of course I have large painful welts on my arms and legs that my husband keeps worrying someone, somewhere is going to place the blame on him for, but the quick pain count reminds me how much my mind wanders and forces me to stay focused.   What was I saying?  Oh yeah, I'm blogging.

Third, keep a supply of chocolate within grabbing reach.  I don't know why, but chocolate gets my creativity juices flowing!  Maybe it's the munching that simulates the brain.  If so, you can substitute chips if you prefer.  Of course by the time your book is published you can't fit into any other than your sweat pants, but on the up swing, your book is done!

Share what motivates you to keep writing when your plot has grown thin and you've written yourself into a corner?  Okay, now back to writing my Irish sequel!

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