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Monday, March 29, 2010

Grrr....wake me up when the book is done

I must confess, I've been really struggling with book two of Soldier. I've started once again scrapped the first 50 pages, completely different than the last 30 I deleted a month ago. I made a promise to myself, and to my husband that I would be done with the rough draft by August. Guess what? Not gonna happen. Maybe I should just tuck Eric and Elizabeth in the back for a while and work on something else. The Boiling Point, perhaps. Except the research gives me nightmares.

I wonder if Stephen King has this problem.

I love Soldier's characters and they speak to me, begging me to bring them back. To what, I don't know. Sigh. I'm hunting through history, hoping that something reaches out and grabs my attention. I'm getting some nice reviews on my first novel, both from mags and fans, so continuing the story is something I want to do.

My husband wants more sex. In the next book, that is. : ) I don't think I feel comfortable with writing erotica, or reading it, but I really won't know until I give it a shot.

Any ideas anyone?


  1. hey Julie,
    brainstorming... since Eric & Elizabeth are hapilly married, you're going to have to separate them to cause conflict. Maybe Eric reconciles with his father, gets accidentally caught up with some political intigue and disappears (undercover?) in order to keep Elizabeth safe. She thinks he's dead. Or perhaps they hit a rough patch in their marriage, due to family meddling, and then Danny gets kidnapped and they have to find him.

  2. Ah, nice! I like the part about poor Danny. LOL! Yep, I'm going through the outline trying to screw up their happiness anyway I can! I have to make it worse, right?