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Thursday, March 25, 2010

How to insult a doctor in 2.1 seconds

I had to call a doctor yesterday to request authorization for a patient to be off his blood thinners for an epidural steroid injection. The doctor was new to me, a Dr. Cochran.

I was alone in the office. Humming to myself, I picked up the phone and called. The doctor herself answered.

"Hi, Dr. Cockring?" I couldn't believe I said it! I felt my face heat up and knew I was beet red. What the hell was on my mind anyway. Freud would have a field day with that one. I tried to contain the spontenous laughter, but couldn't. Maybe the God of stupidity would take pity on me and she wouldn't hear the difference in the name.

"It's Cochran."

Nope. I guess the God of Supidity was either out of the office or wanted me to suffer. She was not amused. Not in the least.

Still trying not to laugh, I knew I had to ask for authorization for the injection. Once the call was over, I couldn't hang up fast enough. And how I managed to calm myself I'm not sure.

Thank God I didn't ask her for an erection instead.

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